Asset Tracking

TELUS Asset Tracker helps companies know the location of their most valuable assets. Discreet and portable GPS-enabled tags the size of a matchbox are inserted into high-value goods as they move through the delivery chain or are affixed to valuable mobile assets, such as trailers and cargo. Use almost any web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone to help track and manage the asset’s location.

TELUS Asset Tracker is ideal for:

  • Businesses that want help tracking the real-time location of their valuable assets.
  • In the case of theft, businesses that want help locating and retrieving goods and assets.
  • Businesses that want to improve their asset management and security.

Help locate valuable assets, from packages to cargo, trailers, and much more:

  • Asset tags do not need a line-of-sight with the open sky and can be located indoors using a combination of GPS technology and the TELUS wireless network.
  • Asset tags have a battery life of 7 to 14 days and can be easily recharged.
  • Asset tags are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments and are water, dust, and weather (heat, cold, humidity) resistant.


About Asset Tracker


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