Fleet Tracking & Dispatch Solutions

Help improve your business operations, meet changing priorities, and improve customer service with TELUS Resource Tracker. With GPS capable handsets, locate and report the location of each of your employees’ mobile devices and help confirm their whereabouts from almost any web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.

With TELUS Tracking and Dispatch, in addition to tracking the location of your mobile workforce, you can dispatch job requests to the closest worker, update work assignments as needed, receive updates from the field, and so much more! Let TELUS & Clearwest Solutions help you get a leg up on your competition and provide your customers with best in class customer service by immediately reacting to their urgent requests.

TELUS Task Tracker & TELUS Tracking with Dispatch are ideal for businesses that want:

  • To gain visibility and insight into the whereabouts and activities of their mobile workers.
  • To quickly locate the closest mobile worker to a recent job request and efficiently dispatch job details.
  • To improve customer service by providing accurate arrival times through knowing how far their mobile workers are from their next stop.
  • Help staying on top of their resource management.
  • Want to reduce fuel costs and optimize fleet maintenance.
  • Want to know if your vehicles are speeding, idling or harsh breaking the company vehicle.

Help track the real-time location and travel route of your mobile workforce:

  • Track your mobile workers’ current location, distance traveled, and time of travel.
  • Set geographic perimeters (geo-fences) and be alerted when your mobile workers enter or exit the area.
  • Analyze ad-hoc or scheduled reports on mobile worker activity.
  • Use the reports to help improve management of your mobile workers, increase profitability, and uncover additional revenue-generating opportunities.

Help locate your mobile workers, dispatch job details to the closest worker, and receive job status updates:

  • Track mobile workers’ current location, distance traveled, and time of travel.
  • Help schedule and dispatch jobs and update work assignments in real time.
  • Enable mobile workers to provide job status updates.
  • Provide your customers with more accurate arrival times and dependable scheduling.


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