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Take control of your Optik experience - 4K PVR

All you need is one PVR connected to a TV anywhere in your home to enjoy complete control of your viewing experience. Powerful, fast and ultra responsive, the 4K PVR let's you watch and record in astonishing 4K quality. Record up to 5 HD shows at once from any room in your home.


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Store up to 100 hours in 4K or 400 hours in HD of your favourite shows and movies

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Access a wide range of apps including Netflix, TED and Stingray Music

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Ready for the future with HDR10 support

Sign up for Optik TV and Internet for 2 years and get*:

All receivers are HD ready and you can get up to 6 per household. Simply choose whether you would like to rent or own your digital boxes, then pick the option below that’s right for you. It's all outlined below!


4K Wireless HD Digital Box

Monthly Rental

(on a 2 year service agreement)

1 FREE Rental**

plus 1 FREE Rental**

Monthly Rental

(no service agreement)

$20 per month

$7 per month




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*Free installation applies for clients on a term only or if the set top boxes are purchased, $150 fee applies for clients on a no term basis. Access point provides wireless connections for up to 4 wireless digital boxes; power supply required. Component cables (included) are used to connect each digital box to a TV. Wireless signal range will vary and can be affected by conditions in the home, including interference from other electronic devices and the materials used in construction. Adequate signal transmission is required within the home and will be tested by a TELUS representative before installation. **Sign up for 2 years and receive a free 4K PVR rental or HD PVR rental plus 1 free 4K wireless HD box or 1 free wireless HD box rental.  Maximum of 1 PVR per household. †† PVR capabilities subject to and limited by applicable laws. TELUS, the TELUS logo, Optik and the future is friendly are trademarks of TELUS Corporation, used under licence.