Here are what our clients are saying about Clearwest Solutions:

“Dave is an incredibly articulate salesperson. He was able to discuss and describe, in simple terms, what is best for me as a customer. Dave is very knowledgeable about phone products offered by Clearwest and its competition so that he is able to find the best option for the customer.”

-Keren from Vancouver

“We visited the TELUS store in Langley yesterday where we received excellent service from one of your employees. Kaitlin was charming, courteous, friendly, & so patient as she guided us through using our new cell phones. We truly appreciated all her efforts & want to commend her to you. We left feeling much more comfortable about dealing with our new technology. Thank you Kaitlin!

-Carlyle & Carol from Langley

I was just in your Walnut Grove TELUS location and Brian helped me out. I told him I was in a hurry, and while helping another customer, (multi-tasking at its finest) he got me hooked up with the new Samsung phone, and I was out of the door within 10 minutes. Brian was so good. I was considering leaving TELUS for another company, but Brian was THE MAN about customer service. I've been with TELUS for a while now.. and Brian is the best of the best, and I truly appreciate his service.

-Lisa from Langley

“I have had a TELUS cell phone since 1994. In all those years the best service I have ever received was this past Saturday at the Walnut Grove Clearwest store from Eddy. He was very helpful, polite and patience. My wife and I felt very comfortable with our decisions based on the information Eddy provided. When it is time to upgrade my phone I will certainly be returning to Clearwest in Walnut Grove. Thank you Eddy.”

-Aaran from Langley

“I was impressed by the service I received from Nicole. Her knowledge of the phone and the speed that she was able to move through the menus in order to get my new phone operational was amazing. She offered to get a US plan when I need it in two weeks. I have never used your store before but I will be sure to recommend your store and Nicole to anyone that asks.”

-Roy from Chilliwack

“I just wanted to let you know that I was highly impressed by the service I received from you Highstreet store. Tony went above and beyond to help me out and I've never been more impressed by a TELUS representative! He was so knowledgeable, patient and so helpful! I really appreciated him taking the time to go above and beyond to help me out when others might not of. Thanks again, great work Clearwest Solutions!!”

-Brianna from Abbotsford

“My husband and I have received excellent customer service from Blaire at your Abbotsford Highstreet location. Last week we stopped in to get help with my temporary phone (my blackberry was not working properly and we had asked for help at another TELUS location who just told us we would have to pay a fee for upgrading my phone early)… We are very happy with the excellent customer service we received and will be recommending Blaire to our friends and family.”

-Katie from Abbotsford

“In the last three weeks, we purchased two TELUS mobile phones and plans and Chris went way beyond, setting up our phones and organizing it all. Pleasant young man, great no-pressure salesman, efficient to the max. Without saying, your store is one to go for all our mobile needs. Because of Chris, I will go and recommend to any and all of my friends.”

-Zoran from Calgary

"Sarah was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding our cell phone plan renewal. She was able to help us with our decision and was extremely patient while we figured out how to switch our data and contacts over to the new phones. I just hope she is still at the store when I need to renew again in 3 years. I will be looking for her."

-Bill from Abbotsford

“The process of buying/selling/set up in the smart phone industry can be a very time consuming and daunting task for us consumers, however Eddy makes this experience a very positive one. He has an exceptional people person attitude and treats each customer as though you were the only person in the store. Eddy multi tasks and juggles as many customers as he can when he is on his own. I have been in the store and watched him work with people and he always gets it right for them. He has been a real support to me and understands my needs. Eddy is truly a rare find in the customer service business and I just wanted you to know this.”

-Richard from Langley

"After a disappointing experience at another TELUS dealership, we were thrilled to meet with Rylan. He went above and beyond to get us the phones we wanted and the package and price that would work for our situation. We were very impressed with the service and expertise. Thanks Rylan!"

-Anita from Abbotsford

"My fiancé and I went in because we were having a horrible time, him dealing with Rogers and me at another TELUS location. Kurtis took the time to explain everything to us! He never pressured us into buying the most expensive or extending our plans. He listened to what we wanted and what we used our phones for and found us amazing deals and phones that we're so happy with! He was able to thoroughly answer any question we could throw at him. We won't be going to any other TELUS location!"

-Brittany from Walnut Grove

"Regarding Clearwest, I just can’t say enough good things about them. When we were considering our options, I had 6 years of experience in Mobility & really struggled with the level of service I was getting from Bell Mobility. I was frustrated all around so I really knew what I was looking for in a supplier. I had a long list of requirements and Clearwest was able to meet them, so we chose them. Since then, Clearwest has fulfilled their end of the deal above and beyond. Any Clearwest employee I’ve dealt with has been professional, courteous & helpful. They are organized, they provide a 1-888 number for employees to call in for assistance, & they are flexible enough to tailor to your needs & requirements. I am extremely pleased with Clearwest & have no doubt you will be happy with their service if you partner with them."


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